Return to Jerusalem

Elijah Interfaith and Religious Leadership Seminary 2022
Do you yearn to return Jerusalem? Is the Jerusalem of your imaginings one you have visited in person or is it a vision, that you have visited in your dreams and in your prayers? Will you turn the dream into a reality by coming to the Holy City or will you return to it virtually?

What makes Jerusalem a site of pilgrimage to which believers return time after time?

What is “return”?

Is it to be where you have been before or is that impossible? Is “return” reliving previous encounters? Is it restoration or consolation? Is it about recommitment? What is the connection between “return” and repentance, purification and reunification? How do we understand theological concepts of “exile and return” in different religious traditions?

What is the connection between prayer and return to oneself? Is true prayer always a form of return?

What is a genuine prayer experience?

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