One World Anthropology

A masterclass beyond disciplinary boundaries with Tim Ingold, September 22nd - 26th, 2019, Forum Scientiarum
"Over the last decades, Tim Ingold has become one of the most influential, innovative and prolific writers in anthropology. His work has been transcending established academic and disciplinary boundaries, particularly between social and biological anthropology. Related to this theme is his critical long-term exploration of the relationships between human beings, organisms and their environment. Overall, Tim Ingold’s work is truly transdisciplinary and his thinking is impacting more and more areas of research and other intellectual and artistic fields in profound ways. He is both deeply engaged in debates about latest developments in anthropology, archaeology, education and social theory, but at the same time does not engage in a fashionable proliferation of theoretical concepts and terminologies."
Die Udo Keller Stiftunng Forum Humanum fördert dieses Format, das als Nachfolge der Meisterkurse zur Unseld Lecture am Forum Scientiarum Tübingen entwickelt wurde.

Zur Seite der Masterclass

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