Ein Projekt des Elijah Interfaith Institute

gefördert von der Udo Keller Stiftung Forum Humanum




We are living a unique moment, likely unprecedented in world history. Within the space of several weeks, the entire world has been hit on multiple fronts – health, finances, psychology, communication and more. The rapid and ongoing changes, triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, affect all communities, all of humanity. They touch our deepest fears of security and call into question much of what until recently has been taken for granted as constituting a good normal life. This is a time in which humanity needs guidance. This is a moment in which we need voices of wisdom, drawn from religious traditions, to come together and to offer hope, vision, direction and practical guidance to an anxious and suffering humanity.

Elijah Institute’s “Coronaspection” initiative makes a contribution to this need by bringing together premier religious voices from around the world to engage in introspection in light of the Corona crisis. “Coronaspection” was created from interviews conducted with over 30 major faith leaders, as well as from some messages made by others for this project. In addition to the full interview, you can also watch shorter clips derived from them, gems of wisdom that appear on the leader’s personal page. Several composite clips draw multiple voices together on chosen topics. In addition to clicking on the image of each of the leaders above, you can also enter the project through the several gateways below. We recommend watching the videos (especially full interviews) on Youtube itself (by pressing inside the video on “Youtube”, at bottom right). This will provide you with more information on each video, table of contents and useful links. For project credits and gratitudes, press here.