Januar 2018

Self or no-self?

Dalferth, Ingolf U. ; Kimball, Trevor W. [Herausgeber]
Self or no-self? the debate about selflessness and the sense of self
Claremont studies in the philosophy of religion, conference 2015. edited by Ingolf U. Dalferth and Trevor W. Kimball, Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2017, IX, 361 Seiten.
(Religion in philosophy and theology ; 94)
ISBN 978-3-16-155354-7

Religious, philosophical, and theological views on the self vary widely. For some the self is seen as the center of human personhood, the ultimate bearer of personal identity and the core mystery of human existence. For others the self is a grammatical error and the sense of self an existential and epistemic delusion. In Western psychology, philosophy, and theology, the term 'self' is often used as a noun that refers not to the performance of an activity or to a material body per se but rather to a (gendered) organism that represents the presence of something distinct from its materiality. This volume documents a critical and constructive debate between critics and defenders of the self or of the no-self that explores the intercultural dimensions of this important topic.

Contributors:Fidel Arnecillo, Jr., Yuval Avnur, Marlene Block, Sinkwan Cheng, Ingolf U. Dalferth, Iben Damgaard, Duncan Gale, Jonardon Ganeri, Stephanie Gehring, W. Ezekiel Goggin, Leah Kalmanson, Trevor Kimball, Kate Kirkpatrick, Gereon Kopf, Dietrich Korsch, Deena Lin, Alexander McKinley, Eleonora Mingarelli, Joseph S. O'Leary, Robert Overy-Brown, Raymond Perrier, Joseph Prabhu, Friederike Rass, Marcelo Souza

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